Clear Lake....Extreme Weather Edition

April 24, 2016

I just got back from a 4 day B-Day trip to Clear Lake where we rented a lake house in Lucerne. Rained on Friday, nice on Saturday until all hell broke loose at about 3:00PM. We were fishing mid lake and I look over to my left and see white caps and tell my buddy, it's going to really suck going back! We continued fishing in sheltered areas and caught some good fish on chatterbaits. Then we made the 20+ minute run or should I say walk back through the Bearing Sea, I mean Clear Lake. I will say that the Allison handled pretty well in that nastyness, but still I wanted nothing to do with it. We made it back mostly dry which was great, but trying to dock with 2 foot rollers is not the business!!  Sunday, which was my B-Day, I was hoping to catch a tank, but the wind was still going strong so we couldn't run to more productive areas.  Caught lots of dinks and had to cut the day short because of the wind. I have never been there when it was that bad and for so long.  I found an article today on Westernbass where the wind and waves caught a boat by surprise and the picture shows the story.  Thankfully they were all OK, but morale of the extremely careful in those conditions! 

14+lber caught at the Delta!!

March 24, 2016

Vince Borges landed an absolute DONKEY at the Delta on squarebill!! Here's what he wrote on Facebook: "Thanks all for the posts and comments! Finally got out to start playing on the delta again. Show season is wrapping up, still don't have my truck back from the body shop. But my buddy John Was nice enough to take me out. He let me pick where to fish and how for the day. So the day was going great with lots of 2-4lb fish on Reaction Innovations Pocket Rockets. We were even excited to catch our first 3 fish on beds for this year! (LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR) We made a move and I picked up the River2Sea Biggie in TW Craw. Didn't take but 5 casts and had yet another 2lbr on. Went two more docks and stuck this Monster! I was fishing it on a Phenix X13 crank rod, with 12lb Seagaur Invisx. She choked it so far down that when she jumped and I saw where the bait was, figured she would easily cut my line and see ya! But it didn't even have an abrasion mark at all on it! John has a CulMRite scale but it wouldn't read her weight. He guessed over 15, I thought for sure a teener but wasn't sure how big. So we put her in the well and went looking for other bass boats to try and borrow a scale. We finally came across a gentleman out fishing with his nephew from Oregon. He had a Rapala Scale which we figured was better then nothing. The look on there faces when I pulled her from the well was priceless!! They videoed everything and took pictures commenting "we don't have fish like that in Oregon!" LoL So his scale kept bouncing from 13.9-14.6 and everything in between. So I'm just calling her 13.9. We all agreed she was much bigger, but didn't want to stress her out anymore then necessary! After we weighed her and took Picks we went right back to the area I caught her and released her so she could do her spring thing! In the next 30 min, I probably caught another 4-6 fish on the biggie before I broke it off. So without another one in my bag, we decided to call it quits while we were ahead! I sent Angelo some pics and next thing I know my phone was blowing up and killed my battery. 😜 this is the second DD this year on the R2S! Definitely feeling blessed to represent some of the BEST companies in this industry! And yes, we are booking trips on the Delta and Clear Lake now, so please don't hesitate to look us up or call!"

Details of the 16 lber caught in SoCal from the bank on what looks like a Hinkle Shad swimbait

February 26, 2016

16lber from the bank.......we must get back to planting trout in our lakes again!!! The full story is on Fishhound (linked here) and I seen the video of the fish and the release so no photoshop there.

WOW 16.3lber pulled out of Clearlake!

March 17, 2023

Catch of life time pulled out of Clearlake on a chatterbait/spinnerbait combo! Read the whole story on Westernbass, link below.



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