Weather was bad, but the fishing was good at the Delta!

What a day we had! We managed to escape the rain, but had high winds, a boat breakdown, a near flip resulting in a non-boater in the river, and oh 13 out of 17 (not counting those DQ'd) anglers came in with a 5 fish limit, 3 fish over 6lbs, and total weight of 175.81 for 71 fish. Great job everyone!

The big man of the day was Mike Barnett with his second consecutive 1st place finish with 19.39lbs, he had 2 4lbs+ and a 6.04lbs kicker that sealed the deal. Darwin Ellison not only was gracious enough to run out and tow Don Welch's boat back to the ramp, but also took home a 2nd place finish with great bag weighing in at 17.17lbs.

3rd place and Big Fish went to Charlie Hazelip who had 16.98lbs anchored by a 6.83lb toad that beat out Jerry Boyd who had 14.36lbs. Joe Arias just missed Big Fish with a 6.4lber.

Again, great fishing everyone and thankfully everyone made it back safely! Important takeaway from this tournament, the Delta can be a dangerous place and you never know what could be floating just below the water so be very careful out there. Always wear you life jackets when running and make sure your kill switch is attached to you. It might also be worth the $50 or so bucks to buy a ladder to help get someone back into the boat.