January Grand Slam!

1st tournament of the 2017 season and Walter Baker kicks it off with a Grand Slam! Walter's big fish was 6.35 lbs and finished in 1st place with 13.09 lbs. All his fish came on the "club worm" with the boat sitting in 20-25ft of water and the big girl came off a point just dragging the worm. Mike Barnett came in 2nd with 11.99 lbs also using the "club worm" and said it was grind. Mario finished 3rd with 11.22 lbs and take a guess what he was using??? Yup the "club worm"! We launched out of Putah and the water was like chocolate milk for almost the entire lake, all the way south was a little clearer. Lots and lots of debris in the lake with giant logs floating around all over. Water temps were 51-53 throughout the day.

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