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Mario Jorge doubles up with 1st place and Big Fish on the Delta!

14 fisherman turned out for Gilroy Bassmasters' April tournament on the California Delta. April on the Delta typically means bed fishing but this year everything is about a month late. Fish were holding in classic pre-spawn patterns with grouped up fish and shorter-than-normal bite windows. There was a rumor of one bed fish caught but the majority of the field were chasing pre-spawn fish.

The rising tide of the early afternoon is where most anglers found their success. Mario Jorge topped the crowd with 11 pounds also bagged the big fish of the tournament with 3lbs 8 ounces. If you're curious about what he was doing, come out to the next club meeting and I'm sure he'll give the rest of us a few hints.

Cody Beaumont and Don Welch clenched 2nd and 3rd place with 9lbs 13oz and 7lbs 10.5oz, respectively.

Our May tournament is on Lake New Melones. It shaping up to be a bed fishing extravaganza. We'd love to increase our numbers so come on out to the next meeting if you'd like to partake!

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