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Mark Pineda wins Lake Don Pedro with 11-1. Mike Barnett weighs a 4-6 largemouth for big fish.

12 fisherman participated in the February tournament on Lake Don Pedro. With blue skies and 48 degree water temps, most anglers struggled to get a limit.

The general consensus was that the bite happened early and again right before the 4 o'clock weigh in. The winner, Mark Pineda, was one of the few that found a steady bite throughout the day stating that he culled many times. Mark ended the day with 11lbs 1 ounce.

Mike Barnett and Jason Dotterer were the only other anglers to break the ten pound mark earning them second and third place, respectively.

Next up - two days on Clear Lake. Get your big baits and big sticks out for what's sure to be a shootout. See you all there!

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