December 18, 2017

 Darwin was the WINDY WINNER of this rough water showdown as he narrowly beat Big Fish winner (7 lber) George Aza by .3 lbs! Mark Pineda finished 3rd and Bob Nathan won pre-fish and received no award with an 18lb bag the day before the tournament! 

November 22, 2017

You know it's a tough day at the Delta when the winning weight is 8.54! Don Welch just squeaked out a win over Mario Jorge who had 8.49 for Second place and Bob Nathan came in 3rd with 8.29. Darwin Ellison took the Big Fish win with a 3.25 pig. Heavy fog in the AM limi...

July 10, 2017

Jordan Dexter and Joe LaVery were clearly in the right areas with Jordan taking 1st place and Joe 3rd and Big Fish! Darwin took home second and from what it sounds like it was very tough bite for not just our guys, but other tournaments as well....that's the Delta thou...

April 10, 2017

While most of us struggled in the April tournament on the Delta Joe LaVery was on the right fish, taking home his 1st club win and a grand slam at that with 21.31 lbs with a 7.03 lb kicker.  Darwin Ellison caught a ton of fish, but couldn't find the size and came in 2n...

February 14, 2017

Another tough day at Berryessa, only 5 weighed in a limit! Jerry Boyd came out victorious with 12.97 lbs anchored by a 4.92 lbs spot, Jason Dotterer was crushing it from the back of the boat for second place with 12.51 lbs and Darwin Ellison came in 3rd with 12.27 lbs....

January 26, 2017

1st tournament of the 2017 season and Walter Baker kicks it off with a Grand Slam! Walter's big fish was 6.35 lbs and finished in 1st place with 13.09 lbs.  All his fish came on the "club worm" with the boat sitting in 20-25ft of water and the big girl came off a point...

December 20, 2016

Huge congrats to Mario Jorge for not only winning the December Lake Berryessa tournament, but also taking home the AOY!! Mario has been extremely consistent all year long and knew going into this last tournament that he needed a good bag and he did just that.  Mario ca...

May 16, 2016

I was told the conditions in the first half of the day were ideal, the sun was out, and it was hot. The 2nd half of the day the wind picked up and everyone rad for Disco...Obviously the weather didn't phase Darwin as he crushed the competition with 19.09#...more than 5...

April 22, 2016

Sounds like almost everyone struggled except Jeff Post, Mario Jorge, and Ray Covert. Windy on Saturday and part of Sunday, but the water clarity was good with water temps between 60-67 degrees.Jeff took 1st place overall with 29.74 lbs and Big Fish day one with a 7.86...

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    January 11:   Lake Berryessa (Capell Cove)
February 8:  Don Pedro (Fleming Meadows)
March 14  New Melones (Tuttle Town)
    April 18-19: Clear Lake (Konocti Vista)
May 16:  Delta (Holland Riverside Marina)
June 6-7:  Clear Lake (Konocti Vista)
July 11:  Delta (Holland Riverside Marina)
  August 15:  Commanche (South Ramp)
September 19:  Lake Berryessa (Capell Cove)
    October 10-11:  Clear Lake (Konocti Vista)
November 14:  New Melones (Tuttle Town)
December 12:  Lake Berryessa (Capell Cove)


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